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from chaos to love

Scientists have a way of describing complex systems in the universe like the path of a storm, the creation of sand on a beach, the growth of wildflowers in a field or the absorption of molecules by our bodies. They call it Chaos Theory. It’s a theory that explains how one event can have extraordinary consequences: the flap of a butterfly’s wing that starts a hurricane, the wave that moves a note in a bottle across the ocean, the person on the other side of the street who saves a toddler’s life.

We meet a finite number of people in our lifetimes, and who we come into contact with determines the course of our lives: how happy we are, how safe & connected we feel, whether or not we find love. We all want to be a part of something bigger. We all want to belong. The search to find people who understand us is a problem of greater importance than the most advanced questions in astrophysics.

The desire for companionship is the hope that gets us up in the morning and through the hum of our days. Laws of probability cannot describe the feeling we have when we meet someone who truly touches us. We cannot plan how one person might change our life. Yet I am confident that with sophisticated design and conscious manifestation, we can make love magic happen. Sometimes things come about in strange and extraordinary ways.



the loving molecule

The mysterious hormone oxytocin is increasingly being seen as a brain chemical that does a lot more than just bring us closer together- it is proving to be the crucial ingredient to what makes us human. Often referred to as the love molecule, low dosages of it are being released multiple times daily- when we hug or touch someone for example- in both ourselves and the other person. This hormone is also associated with helping couples establish a greater sense of intimacy and attachment. Oxytocin, along with dopamine and norepinephrine, are believed to be highly critical in human pair-bonding. But not only that, it also increases the desire for couples to gaze at each other, it produces sexual arousal and its the primary factor for bringing about an orgasm, during which the brain is literally flooded with it.

But oxytocin isn’t just limited to helping couples come together – it’s an indispensable part of childbirth and mother-child bonding. Oxytocin helps women get through labour; known to promote delivery and speed up contractions. This fascinating molecule is often responsible for inducing feelings of happiness, empathy and generosity, increasing confidence, building trust and even helping in healing a damaged relationship or letting go of feelings of anger or distress. Amazingly, oxytocin, through its anti-inflammatory properties can also be used to relieve pain, heal wounds, reduce cortisol, blood pressure as well as improve digestion. Now do you wonder if releasing oxytocin consciously- and by that I mean emitting large quantities of it every day, could help you find love? If you dare to ask, my answer is YES! 

design your love


Finally you’ve made it into my love nest.

There is thousands of women out there who gave up their hopes to find true love and walk through life absent and caught up in swiping left and right wildly; in reactions to situations which keep reoccurring, mostly settling for casual connections and friends with benefits adventures instead of pursuing the real thing.  

Couples marry swiftly and divorce even faster. There‘s exponential expectations placed on our chosen companion- not only are they our best friend, lover, husband/wife, father/mother, soulmate and protector- we want them to represent our holistic counterpart and fulfill us emotionally, sexually, romantically, spiritually and …consistently.



I am a Love Architect and the creator of the Awakened Fearless Love Framework. Its 3 pillars are:

Erotic Intimacy

I support influential & successful women in tuning in with their own femininity to fall in love with themselves and redesign their love lives. In other words, I bring women and couples back to themselves. What does that mean? I see more in them than they do. Teach them to trust and be vulnerable. Encourage them to live for the moment and be fearless. Support them in creating channels to communicate their emotions effectively and with purpose.


For my clients who manifest their love story, very little steps turn into profound, long-lasting transformations. My coaching works by digging deep into what their core beliefs are around themselves, love and sexuality. It does so by inspecting one molecule and aligning it with the entire body and the physical and spiritual desires. What do you think transforming the integral molecules would trigger in a couple’s life?
They will feel that sexual energy and love to watch each other in their zone. There is nothing more attractive than that. To see someone in their element. If women do things which fire them up and make them wild, passionate, free and joyful- they instantly start attracting the attention of men/women who are looking for true love, trust and commitment. When couples discover this spark, life will never ever be the same again. There will be no more boring sex, dull evenings and pretended orgasms. Love becomes a deep spiritual connection and a magical adventure.


it  won’t  be a  hunt  anymore. it will  be story  writing. Pure  joy.

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