kat malickay coach


kat malickay coach

Katarina is a truly passionate Entrepreneur, Relationship & Couples Coach, Love Expert, Polyglot & Founder of Love Molecules. Being a modern love guru she fearlessly transforms relationships through an intelligent, strategic approach from first hand experience. As a result, her playfulness, womanhood & fearlessness inspire couples from all corners of the globe to find their way back to themselves and radiate pure eroticism. Kat is furthermore a professional SI Life Coach accredited by Tony Robbins through the prestigious Robbins-Madanes Coaching Institute. She specifically utilizes strategic intervention to change relationship behavioral patterns and make profound connection transformations in her client’s lives.

– Kat speaks 7 languages and has a distinctive cultural awareness
– The support offered to her clients flows from her exceptionally high emotional & erotic intelligence
– She always breaks the core of a couple’s struggle through her expert analytical & investigative skill set
– Her coaching transmits with a rather great sense of humor and touch of lightness even in most critical situations and deeply insightful moments
– Get seduced by a wonderfully playful and powerfully constructive coaching approach

kat malickay story


footballers, chameleons and polyglots 

I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia as a second  daughter. That said, I was meant to be a boy and become a football player 🙂 That obviously never happened. My first kindergarten experience was in Berlin, Germany where my family moved for 3,5 years. We experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall live in 1989 and remember shiny Christmas Markets in West Berlin where my dad used to take us. Part of my childhood was spent in Prague in the Czech Republic. It was a very happy few years of my live. I soon realized that it is a rather delicate matter to keep finding new friends in new European cities we would move to. We were chameleons, polyglots. Moving places made us both very intelligent and flexible yet more eager to look for our true identity. We had many talents but no idea what we want to do in life.

the selfish gift of being present in order to serve others

As a teenager rather suddenly tapped into spirituality when I was 14. I started reading spiritual literature and my desire to help others to create better lives for themselves grew. Subsequently I decided to become a life coach in 2016 after I watched the Tony Robbin’s documentary on Netflix. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I knew that it is only a matter of time till I leave my stressful event job.

I heard a lot of wise people ask before: ‘So what would you do for love?’ Which definitely made me repeatedly reflect on my relationships. Investigating love in detail made me me realize that we all breathe to feel cherished.

Love is everywhere you look. It is what makes us feel alive. I asked myself what my friends and clients would do in order to feel reborn again? Awaken all their senses. Feel present with their partner. Get burned by the heat of feeling alive. Investigate their intimacy without any form of judgement. They would do anything. Because once our relationships are fulfilled, then everything else falls into place. This is why I became a Love Coach. To heal people’s hearts and help them feel alive again and live everyday to their full potential. As love is the oldest tradition on this planet. I truly believe it is eternal.

catching the swedish fish


I had many adventurous relationships with Europeans and so with each of them I dived into a world of a new mentality which fascinated me. But none of them fulfilled me the way I desired and I always focused on them more than on what I truly needed to grow and be happy. Yet every argument, every drama, every crisis, and every break-up was bringing me closer to her perfect man.

Finally finding him was no easy ride. And when we started dating, he was haunted by his ex’s and oh’s and was not ready to commit and has split with me four times. Ultimately I came back to hunt him more after every rejection. Since there was no giving up. It took him eventually 2 years to realize they are meant to be together. And today we are growing a beautiful baby boy Axel and love each other unconditionally. Now is our relationship perfect? Is any of them perfect? No. But what determines its longevity is not the number of interests in common, nor the amount of times we say the l-word. It is thus our adaptability and will to respond to change and overcome difficulties.

progression is much more valuable than perfection

My story proves that in the game of love, there is no rights and wrongs and the only thing that really matters is surrendering to what you feel is good for you. So forget what others tell you. And I became a love coach to pass this message on. Since I delivered our son Axel in March 2019, my relationship has changed a lot. I would have never imagined what you go through as a couple in those exciting months leading up to due day when we couldn’t wait to see his face for the first time. But least of all anyone has ever told me what a tough relationship test being fresh parents is.

More than ever I realized how crucial it is for us to come together as a team and how much we each learn from overcoming the hardest and longest nights in our lives. Funny how there are trainings, certifications, manuals and videos for mastering nearly anything that is out there. But no one ever teaches us how, from one day to the other, start growing an innocent, fragile, confused miniature human being.

  Every breakdown is followed by a breakthrough.